Netivot is an international LGBTQ community that supports individuals engaged with traditional Judaism. We hold social and educational events that explore the intersection between LGBTQ and Orthodox/traditional Jewish identities.


Until today, Netivot has relied mostly on the personal funds of its leadership and community members. Now that our growth has far exceeded our initial expectations, this self-funding model is becoming unsustainable. That’s where YOU come in. As the end of the year quickly approach, Netivot is hosting its first-ever fundraising campaign. With the help of our community members, friends, family, and allies, we can raise enough money to enable us to grow, and continue to provide meaningful, Jewish, LGBTQ community in cities across the globe. The money you donate will go directly to fund Shabbat dinners, educational events, social gatherings, and website development. Every dollar you give will make a huge impact on Netivot, so we can’t thank you enough.